Work with us

We’re bringing to the table

  • Global Business Development Experience, Strategy and VISION
  • A WEALTH of trusted relationships with manufacturers and interior design industry key players
  • Hospitality Experience in Operations, Marketing, Sales and Development
  • Product and Manufacturing Process Knowledge
  • Artistic vision, Brand Identity and Creativity
  • Multilingual Communication – English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages
  • CRM, Project Management and Marketing Skills
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Multicultural diversity


We take manufacturing representation… personally

That’s why we’re different.

We strive to own each piece of business we bring in. In other words, we’re acting as your business development and sales arm, from strategy to lead generation, sales, project supervision and client relations.

Interior designers, architects and specifiers

We focus on custom solutions and deliverability

You can trust Dalluxe to introduce you high quality products, work with you to create custom solution for each individual project according to your own unique design vision.

We partner up with the best industry manufacturers, master craftsmen, and artists. Our manufacturer’s reps will assist you with sourcing your FF&E needs based on your design specifications, and within project lead time and budget.

Purchasing agents and directors

.. simply love us

We’re often the “missing link” between the manufacturers, designers, purchasing managers and eventually, the owner. Our years of experience managing a team and projects, set us apart from most other manufacturer’s representatives. Our individual approach, communication skills, strategic organization, and budget consciousness, will literally make your life easier!

Owners, developers and managers

We’ve walked in your shoes…

Our founder, Ms. Adina Cicort was noted among the youngest hospitality entrepreneurs in Europe. Her professional achievements also include a magna cum laude bachelor degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania, E.U.

Prior to her move to the United States in 2004, she has developed one of the top French restaurants in Eastern Europe, under French ownership. And owned her own hotel business in downtown Bucharest.

Later on she continued her hospitality experience working for Wyndham Hotels and Marriott, in Dallas, TX.

Followed by launching of her own marketing consulting firm, and helping hundred of business owners to create a strong brand identity and growth strategy.

Our Partners